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Pepper O’Donnell Super Dog

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Campaign Manager: Will O’Donnell

Hello, I am Pepper O’Donnell Super Dog! I was rescued at 9 months old and my parents had to heal my broken paw before I could have too much fun! That didn’t stop me from figuring out my super powers though! I have X-Ray vision. You don’t believe me? Just stare into my beautiful eyes. I can also fly! Don’t get too excited though because I have just recently hung up my cape. I am now 13 years old and I spend my days retired as the ambassador of the Grand Lake boardwalk. I greet all the people that walk by and in return for pets I tell them about all the beautiful places they need to see in Grand County. My brother Ruff ran in the last Grand Dog election in 2014 and he came in third! He just got lucky though because I am definitely the older and wiser one in the family and if you vote for me, I can prove that to him…and I may just get my cape back out.