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Campaign Manager: Abel Thomas

Herro, my name is Mason. I was born in Oklahoma, where I was chained up all day with nothing to do except chew on rocks and my chain. My previous owners didn’t want me after a while, so they sent me to a shelter where I hear they put you to sleep forever. Luckily, I was rescued by an animal shelter in Boulder, and was quickly adopted and allowed to go live in the mountains!

My new owner is pretty awesome. He never chains me up, takes me to work with him during the week, and frequently takes me on no-leash walks where I can explore and bark ‘waddup’ to all my dawgs. I love to watch trains go by, and to mark my territory wherever possible. Almost every weekend, I get to go on outdoor adventures like hikes, bike rides, and camping/climbing trips, where I can run freely and get out all my pent-up energy.

Sometimes I’m bad and like to eat garbage, jump on kitchen counters, and rip up furniture, but it’s only when my owner leaves me alone! Sometimes when I’m scolded, I get scared and pee a little, but it’s not my fault; I’m still getting used to an abuse-free lifestyle. Plus, my owner always feels bad for me and gives me a treat or belly rub after 😉

All in all my new life is pretty grand, but I love all the attention I can get, so being Grand Dog is my next major goal!