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Koru and Tui

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Campaign Manager: Heidi Weisskopf

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We are the Kiwi Canines, Koru (left) and Tui (right) and we are running as a team for Grand Dog. We are named after words in New Zealand because our mom loves it there. Koru is an important symbol in NZ, meaning new life, growth, strength and hope for the future, perfect for how happy we are as a pack! Tui is a beautiful bird revered by the native Maori. We love all things outdoors- hiking, swimming, playing with horses (rolling in poop!) and boating. We are best buddies and play ALL the time- everyone needs a BFF!

We were brought to CO from Oklahoma and Arkansas. There are many dogs that have not been spayed or neutered, especially in the south. We feel very lucky to be here. Overpopulation is a problem that we will address as Grand Dogs- spay and neuter! It’s a message that Pet Pals does a great job at promoting and we will too. If you see us around, be sure to say Kia Ora (Hello) to Ru and Tu! Please VOTE and help raise money for Advocates and Pet Pals. Adopt don’t shop!