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Campaign Manager: Kristen Rybij

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My name is Kaia or Special K. I ran away from an abusive family and found myself trapped in a scary shelter in Kansas where they kept me outside in the winter. I made my way to CO to be with my Mom and Dad. They didn’t care what I had been through, they just wanted to love me. It took a while to trust they weren’t going to leave me and sometimes I still worry when they leave the house without me, but I fight that anxiety by eating random things on the kitchen counter, oven mitts are the best!

I love my little sister Turtle she is only 4 pounds but I let her pretend she is the boss. I love nose diving in the snow, camping, floppy-pawed playing, cuddling on the bed, making sad eyes for cookies, trying to be friends with the cat and chasing chippys.

I am so lucky for my family and sure know how scary it can be to live with violence. Nobody deserves to be abused whether they are human, furry, feathery, slimy, slippery, or leathery. If elected Grand Dog I vow to do my best to raise awareness about the connection between domestic violence and animal abuse and fight for the fact that everyone deserves a safe and loving home. Check out Kaia’s Facebook page!