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Campaign Manager: Julie Moseley

Check out Hope’s Facebook page!

Hope is a Hurricane Katrina Rescue. She is 11.5 years old. Her favorite things to do are eat, swim and run in the snow. The best is belly rubs and treats! She will wag her little nub of a tail all day for cookies!

The hurricane actually saved her life, because when she was signed over to the shelter in Hattiesburg, MI. she was starving. I found her, saw those deep brown eyes and vowed to give her the life that she deserves. Since then, she has lived in Florida where she got to play in the ocean and run on the beach! Then in 2011 she  became a full Grand County, Colorado dog. She has her Puffy- Doggy down coat on to run and play in this fun stuff called snow. In this photo she is sporting her D-Fa Life jacket to keep her safe in the cold Lake Granby water that she loves to swim quick circles in, dry off, and then swim again.

She is one of the absolute sweetest dogs, not a mean bone in her body and would make Grand County proud if you elect her the 2016 Grand Dog. Check out Hope’s Facebook page!