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Gussy the Goat

395 Votes

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Campaign Manager: Cass Nilep Kotrba

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Hi, my name is Gussy!! I may be a goat but I’m running for Grand Dog because I think I’d make an excellent ambassador for Grand County! I am a little goat with a huge heart and a ready smile. I LOVE friendly people, fresh air and pine trees (eating them of course!) so you can see that I fit in perfectly here.

I live in Fraser with all my other people, dog, cat, chicken, duck, goose and turkey friends. I love them all. I especially love my people and even let them dress me up in costumes! I am very patient and love the attention.

In closing, I am the sweetest, friendliest, smiliest little guy you’ll ever meet and I’d sure appreciate your vote for Grand Dog!! Thank you!

Check out Gussy’s Facebook page!