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Carlie Cruse

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Campaign Manager:  Deb Jordan


Hi, my name is Miss Carlie Cruse.  If you met me, you know I’m always cruising.  I got to ride on a plane when I was six weeks old.  I weighed a whopping 2 pounds.  I weigh 6 pounds now at the age of three and am snow white with beautiful golden ears.  My mom has a daycare, so I am loved all day Mon-Fri. I get to go to the library at least once a week, sometimes more, so I can get some more loving. They say I never met a stranger, or a person I did not love.  I also go to work with my mom at the liquor store sometimes, where I can be loved some more.

I do many tricks from basic begging to shaking hands, and rolling over.  My most favorite trick is teasing the children so they will chase me.  They even tell my mom, “Miss Carlie is teasing me again.”

I am so loved by everyone that I want to raise money for the Victims’ Advocates and Pet Pals to help children, adults, and pets that are not as lucky as I am.